"clash of clans," the massively popular mobile online game developed by Supercell recently unveiled a new feature, the 5v5 War. The latest update also included some in-game tweaks involving the matchmaking process, enhancement of the Town Hall 11 hero, the Grand Warden, and an unseen groundwork for the supposed massive December 2017 Update.

5v5 war preview

The "Clash of Clans" Clan Wars have been around for a number of years now but nothing major has been introduced to this fan-favorite feature. This latest update changed that by adding a pocket-size war feature, the 5v5 War.

That being said, the fans of the game are clearly expecting that this update will be better than the Halloween event.

Introducing a smaller Clan War size actually makes sense since winning these wars usually come down to the 5 or 10 best players in a Clan.

While a Clan War that includes the cream of the crop sounds an interesting proposition for a clan, it doesn't look enticing for Clans having a large number of members. It is because the 5v5 War follows the same basic rule of the traditional Clan War. It means that the Clan can only fight a single war at a time. So while their best people are involved in the 5v5 War, the other members are left with nothing to do.

On the other hand, Clans used to fighting a 10v10 or 15v15 war can easily choose their best players or rotate their players so as to be included in this 5v5 War.

There is no denying that battles in a 5v5 War will be intense, but the likelihood of in-fighting within the Clan for a spot in the war will just be as intense.

At the moment, there are no indications that there will be any adjustments in the Clan War mechanics. So the middle-ranked players in a Clan have to be patient and just wait for their turn to be included in the 5v5 War roster.

In line with the "Clash of Clans" 5v5 War, Supercell announced that they tweaked the matchmaking algorithm to avoid situations wherein strong Clans are paired against relatively weaker Clans. However, there is still no news about the studio's actions against those players sporting engineered bases.

Grand Warden gets buffed

A number of Town Hall 11 players have been complaining about the abilities of the Grand Warden.

While the Grand Warden definitely gives a distinct advantage for these Town Hall 11 players, it doesn't have the same impact when compared with the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen.

Supercell responded by giving the Grand Warden a "slightly higher attack weight" in this latest update. Now that the Grand Warden got its keenly awaited buff, it remains to be seen whether this enhancement allows "Clash of Clans" to provide a major gap between the Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 10, something that the studio has been striving for since late last year.

What's next for 'Clash of Clans?'

Traditionally, Supercell unveils their best updates in December. This time though, the only thing that the Studio confirmed is that there will be no new Town Hall for "Clash of Clans." For people expecting a Town Hall 12, it is a huge disappointment as LachnessMeownster, a Supercell Forum Moderator, categorically ruled out the new Town Hall rumors.

According to the moderator, the last two updates, including this one that brought the 5v5 War are aimed to provide the groundwork or the foundations for the December update. That being said, most players are hoping that the upcoming December update will include some never-before-seen features. After all, a game like "Clash of Clans" that has been around for years now need to introduce new stuff every now and then to keep its players engaged. That said, there is no better time for the game to receive them than December.