Many “Pokemon Go” players have noticed there is something different with the way Niantic Labs is sending the EX Raid Pass. It was just several days ago when the game developer of the popular augmented reality title announced that it would tweak the way it sends passes to the players. Players have noticed that the game is sending the Ex Raid passes to the same group of players and many players are now wondering if this is the latest change that the developer has made for the exclusive type of raid. Some players think that this could be another problem.

New issue

On October 27, “Pokemon Go“ players across the globe participated in the most recent EXRaid. This is the exclusive type of raid that allows players to battle with Legendary pocket monster Mewtwo. To be a part of this exclusive type of battle, players must have an EX Raid invitation or pass. These invitations are sent randomly and the only requirement is that the player must have at least joined a raid at the place where the EX Raid takes place.

However, there appears to be a problem with the way the invitations are sent. It seems that the same players are receiving the same invitation from the game. After the first wave of the exclusive type of raid was completed, Niantic Labs sent out another set of passes.

Interestingly, most of the players that have just participated in the exclusive raid claim on receiving another invitation. Several players reported to have received the invitation for the third or fourth time.

Other details

Several players in the community are speculating about the latest problem with the passes. Most likely, the method of sending these invites is still undergoing testing.

In the United States alone, most of these exclusive types of raid are being conducted at gyms sponsored by either Starbucks or Sprint. Since the game is restricting the location where the EX Raid takes place, only a particular group of players is getting the chance to get the passes.

Niantic Labs has been very outspoken about testing this new type of raid and they have previously indicated that they are working on improving it.

The game developer has not released any statement about the latest issue.

Meanwhile, the game’s Halloween event is ongoing and will last until November 2. Players who participate in this month’s event will get double Candies. Niantic Labs has also released five Gen 3 pocket monsters that “Pokemon Go” players can catch while the event lasts.