Pokemon Go” players who have missed their chance of catching Unown and Mr. Mime can soon catch these region-exclusive monsters. In addition, Legendary Birds like Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos will also be available in another upcoming event scheduled for the popular augmented reality title. While trainers all over the world are busy in the latest event in the game where they can earn double Candies, Niantic Labs is launching another event for trainers based in South Korea.

Upcoming event

Niantic Labs announced earlier this week that there will be an active event in the game called “Pokemon Go” Week.

The event is exclusive only in South Korea in line with the country’s annual Pokemon Fiesta. During this event, South Koreans can get their hands on a wide range of activities based on the popular franchise. This includes Pikachu Outbreak, where dancers clad in the franchise’s iconic yellow mascot can be seen in select locations, specifically in the Lotte World Mall in Seoul. The Outbreak will take place between November 11 and November 12. Trainers who will be present during the event will definitely receive a reward.

Other details

In addition to the Pikachu Outbreak, players all over South Korea will be given the opportunity to catch Mr. Mime and Unown. However, players in Seoul will get the chance to participate in raids that will feature the Mythical Birds such as Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

This is a great chance for players in Seoul, since these Legendary Birds are no longer available in any part of the world. Apart from those, all of South Korea will experience an increased rate in the spawning of all pocket monsters. In other words, this is the best time for players who would like to have their Pokedex full.

EX Raid

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs recently announced that it is going to tweak the way EX Raid invitations will be sent to players. The interesting announcement reveals that the team would like to look into the feedback given by players on how they would like the EX Raid passes to be sent. On the official Twitter account of the developer’s support, they thanked players for their feedback and gave the assurance that they will try to apply their suggestions.

It is worth noting that the game developer has made a new exclusive type of Raid to feature the powerful and much-awaited pocket monster, Mewtwo. While the team is addressing the issue about the invites, they have not yet provided until now the release of the EX Raid Battles in “Pokemon Go.”