New information continues to arrive regarding ''Pokémon Go.'' Finally, one of the most anticipated events by Pokémon GO's players worldwide has just been announced and confirmed by the developer.

According to new details revealed by Niantic's developers, the company just introduced the first Global Catch Challenge in the game. As stated by the developers, the new event is now live so that players and trainers will be able to catch great creatures from now to November 26. It is a global event where everyone can participate without exceptions.

The Rewards are getting closer to Level 40, and players and trainers can add some more Stardust to the three million they already have.

It is worth mentioning that Niantic could've just given players the rewards right now; However, making the announcement like this, feels like they want players to return to the game, while others who play already every day, seem to be overlooked. While it is true that the new event brings great features to the app, some players and trainers are not happy to get all these good things, thinking that all they caught until now, is like it wasn't worth anything, since they now have to capture three billion creatures in a week.

Here is everything that is known right now concerning the latest events in the “Pokémon GO” app, and the new features just added by Niantic.

New features

The first ever global catch challenge of the augmented reality game will roll out great new features.

During the seven days of the event, players will be able to receive the following rewards:

  • Five houndred million Pokemon (Bronze) – 2x XP, 6h Lure Modules and more Pokéemon1.5 billion
  • Pokéemon (Silver) – 2x XP, 2x Stardust, 6h Lure Modules and even more Pokémon
  • Three billion Pokémon (Gold) – 2x XP, 2x Stardust, 6h Lure Modules, Farfetch’d available worldwide for 48h and Kangaskhan in East Asia for 48h.

Additional information

Three billion is a lot though.

If three million people log on worldwide and play the entire event then that means each one would have to catch 1,000 Pokémon or 143 a day. That is about two and a half hours worth of playing a day per person if it takes a minute per catch (and that's being generous factoring in transportation time and such). The key to hitting the goal will be the number of people that play and how much of an increase in spawns players will see.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.