The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal that Bungie will likely work on a Free trial for the sequel. The publisher did the same practice in the first game and looks to do it again to let everyone play and enjoy the sci-fi shooter for a limited time.

Bungie also announced that they will add more raid quests for the sequel next year and it is rumored it could launch alongside the second DLC expansion. The publisher will launch the first DLC expansion, "Curse of Osiris" on Dec. 5 in all game platforms.

Free trial teased

Video game fans theorized that "Destiny 2's" emblem collection may reveal a possible free trial program for players who were not able to play the sequel in the consoles or in the PC platforms.

The first clue came from the "Mentor of Light" emblem, which revealed that players will have access to at least a few story missions and Crucible modes.

While Bungie has not officially revealed the full details of the free trial, it is likely that they are planning something big for the fans of the sci-fi shooter to keep them interested while they wait for the next set of expansions next year.

The free trial program may act like the first game, but fans want to see something new about it like adding more story missions and character gears.It is also speculated that the free trial could happen during the launch date of the "Curse of the Osiris" DLC.

The first DLC will focus on the Guardians' search for the legendary vanguard, Osiris on the planet Mercury as holds the secret to stopping the Vex army from conquering the galaxy.

Players will have a new level cap of 25 and a power level of 330 or 350 if they use the Legendary Mods.

Players will also encounter new Vex type enemies as game developer Dave Matthews told Italian website Everyeye that they must be creative in taking down these opponents. There is also the "Raid Lair" mode, which allows players to explore other areas of the Leviathan, and challenge themselves to unlock new gear, loot, and weapons.

New raids next year

Bungie announced during a live stream session of the "Curse of Osiris" expansion that they will add more raid quests for Destiny 2" in Spring 2018. Video game fans expect to see the new Raids to launch alongside the second DLC expansion.

It is rumored that the plot of the second DLC expansion has something to do with the Warmind Rasputin. Bungie will work on the details for the next expansion depending on the aftermath of the "Curse of Osiris" story.