Niantic continues to add new exciting features to the “Pokemon Go” app. According to new data discovered in the latest iOS update, the company just made further changes in the app and added another significant feature for the Gen 3 release coming to the reality augmented game. According to new information revealed by Niantic’ developers in Japan moments ago, the company is making new changes in the rotation of some creatures corresponding to the Gen 3, which will help “Pokemon Go” players to identify what Pokemon are the strongest. As reported by the developers of the company, these new changes in the app will make the game more competitive.

It is not confirmed yet, but rumors are running wild that Niantic will be ready to release the long-awaited Gen 3 Pokemon later next week. According to new information revealed by Comicbook, it is very likely that the company makes other further changes in the reality augmented game for the Gen 3 Release this week, where new Legendary Pokemon of the third generation will start to appear in different areas.

Here is everything we know right now concerning the latest changes in the “Pokemon Go” app, and the new features just added by Niantic.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2017

The coming “Pokemon Go Halloween Event’’ will bring new exciting features to the game. According to new information revealed by some users of Reddit on the Silph Road’s portal, the company will introduce a new and exclusive Pikachu's hat in the next event.

Other than potentially adding new changes, Niantic’s developers just confirmed that the company would introduce new monsters corresponding to the third generation in the next Halloween celebration confirming the Gen 3 release again for the coming days.

Possible linking of accounts by mistake

The appearance of a new bug in the ''Pokemon Go'' app allows users to get into other people's accounts.

Soon after hearing the news about the introduction of the third generation after its last update, Niantic has encountered a new bug in the game. The issue arose when a Belgian player tried to create a new account for his nephew in that game. However, instead of starting a new account, the user realized that he had logged into another player's account, being able to access both his Pokémon and his purchases and objects.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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