The "Overwatch" World Cup over the weekend brought exactly as much excitement as fans of the event could have hoped. The finals featured very differently, but talented squads going up against one another. There was the plucky Canadian team that many people thought would never get this far. Then there was the juggernaut South Korean team which is going to be featuring all fives of its members going on to play in the professional league owned by professional football owners.

A true building of an 'Overwatch' dynasty

The South Korea team, known as the Seoul Dynasty appears to be very true to its name.

The club is one of the best in hte country and has been for many years. The Canadian team, on the other hand hasn't been a team that came in with people expecting it to get to where it got. Canada also became the favorite of the home town crowd after Seoul Dynasty managed to knock off the US squad.

Once the matches actually started, South Korea showed exactly why it's included the "Dynasty" in its team name. 17-year-old Hwang “Flow3R” Yeon-oh played exactly as he has played for most of his career playing the game. It's the reason why he's going to be going pro, even if he's expected to mostly sit on the bench this coming season.

Flow3R is basically the young rookie baseball fans would want to make sure they didn't rush to the big leagues and burn him out.

It's not that he can't play with the big boys, but they want to make sure he reaches his full potential. He certainly looked like one of the best in the World Cup.

South Korea takes home another title

For those watching the World Cup, there was plenty of action to take home.

Canada did everything it could do to continue to be the upstart in the "Overwatch" world. At the end of the day, as Kotaku pointed out, the Dynasty and Flow3R were just too strong. The undoing of the Canadian team ended up being the fact that they simply couldn't keep their support players alive.

This kind of competition always shows that teams that want to really win are going to need to take advantage of all the different classes.

If one of those classes is underperforming then it can lead to the total downfall of the team. That appears to be what happened when it came to Canada and its upset attempt.

In the end, South Korea was simply the stronger team. What the World Cup did show is that more players are getting better at "Overwatch" all the time. It seems as if that bodes well for the upcoming league.