Ana was the first Hero in "Overwatch" that was added after the game was launched. She's a support hero who uses her sniper rifle to deal damage and heal her allies. While she is far from a must-pick hero, Ana can be lethal when used correctly.

In this article, you can read useful tips on how to use Ana against every single hero in the game. KarQ teamed up with Galeadelade, the number one Ana player, to bring us these amazing and useful tips. First of all, it is important to remember that the hero can quickly eliminate a 200-hp hero after a sleep dart.

The trick is to wait for almost the last moment until the sleep dart wears off, then shoot at the target, throw a grenade, shoot again and use a melee attack.

Offense heroes

When fighting against Doomfist, use sleep dart when he is using his Rocket Punch. Considering his hitbox is huge, it's easy to hit him and incapacitate him for a few seconds. The dart is best used on Genji during his Dragonblade animation. Ana should always stay away from McCree as he can take her down easily after throwing a flashbang at her. Other than that, make sure you put him to sleep when he's using his ultimate ability.

Use your rifle to deal damage to Pharah. Even if you don't kill her, this should force her to back off and stop harassing your team.

Use sleep dart on Reaper after he teleports or while using his ultimate. As for Soldier:76, take his health down from distance and use your grenade to counter his Biotic Field. If Sombra flanks you, throw a grenade at her quickly or try to put her to sleep. It is possible to land a solo kill on Tracer with a shot-grenade-shot-melee combo.

Defense heroes

Use a sleep dart on Bastion as this will allow your team to make a push. Furthermore, using the grenade on the hero will neutralize any healing. Stay away from Hanzo as his shots are deadly, but make sure you put him to sleep if he gets too close. Do the same thing against Junkrat as his grenade-mine combo is lethal for Ana.

When it comes to Mei, try to incapacitate her before she uses her Ice Block. If you miss, make sure you do it after she unfreezes herself. Use the grenade on Torbjorn so he can't get sustained while repairing his turret. Don't just jump in front of Widowmaker as she'll be able to land an easy shot. Instead, strafe left and right while shooting her from the distance.

Tank heroes

Use your grenade and dart on D.Va after her Defense Matrix runs out. Use the dart on Orisa after she uses her Fortify ability. Since her projectiles are slow, there's a good chance she won't hit you if you keep jumping around her. Just like for D.Va, using grenade and dart on Reinhardt after his shield goes down as it will leave his team exposed.

Use sleep dart on Roadhog right after he lands a hook on your ally. He won't be able to move during the animation, but when he does start moving, use your grenade to negate his healing. Use the dart on Winston while he is leaping towards you. As for Zarya, wait until her bubble is down then either use the sleep dart or a grenade on her.

Support heroes

When fighting against another Ana, make sure you put her to sleep and hit her with a grenade first. However, take your time as her hitbox is small and you don't want to miss her. Lucio is very mobile, so avoid using the sleep dart on him and save it for an easier enemy. However, if he starts being aggressive towards your team, make sure to use the grenade against him.

Use your grenade on Mercy when she's resurrecting her teammates as she will be vulnerable and out of position for a few seconds.

Don't get close to Symmetra and try to damage her from distance. If she gets too close, make sure you land a sleep dart on her or it's all over. Use your grenade on Zenyatta when he is using his ultimate ability. This is a huge counter to Transcendence, so make sure you time it right.