"Overwatch" fans got not one, but two pieces of very good news this week. The first piece of great news is that those who play the game on the Xbox One X will be able to see a souped-up version of the title very soon. The Express is reporting the game will be improved on the new console, so it will look even better than it already does.

While big-time fans of the team shooter are likely going to be plenty excited about the better performance and better graphics, that was just a lead into the really big news of the week. Another update that will have longtime fans of the game salivating is going to be coming with, or just ahead of the free weekend play.

New 'Overwatch' character coming sooner rather than later

It's not clear whether Blizzard really wanted to tease the arrival of Moira, or whether someone from the PR team merely forgot to make sure everyone already knew the information at their hands. In a recent advertisement about the upcoming free-play weekend, Blizzard spilled the beans.

“For this free weekend, we're making "Overwatch's" full roster of 26 heroes and 16 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade.” The advertisement said. Normally, this would be no big deal, except that at the present moment, the title only has 25 heroes. The 26th is the long-awaited Moira, who has been put into the PTR testing area, but has not been released to the general public yet.

Moira's arrival long-awaited

While there have been thoughts the new character would arrive on Tuesday, November 14, it appears that release date has come and gone. What we do know with the talk of the 26 heroes is that it will be coming before the weekend. It's actually a bit odd the character isn't in the game yet, considering new arrivals tend to be on Tuesdays.

It's possible her release is coming a bit sooner than before, and therefore won't be coming on the same schedule as most of the other heroes. It's possible Moira won't be officially and fully released until Friday, when the game has been officially released for the free play weekend. That would certainly be a fun plan from Blizzard, making sure everyone is getting their hands on Moira at the same time, whether you own "Overwatch" or not.

Blizzard has had big time success whenever they have had these free play weekends. Now that there is a brand new person to play as on all the available maps, this could be a very big weekend for Blizzard.