Since the latest "Overwatch" patch went live, there have been some problems that even Blizzard has had problems finding the solution to. The developer has had so many problems, cracking the code in fact, that the company is now actively enlisting the gaming public. As evidenced in a recent Reddit post, the company has posted a message showing that it doesn't understand why a recent lag spike has popped up and it doesn't appear to know how to fix the issue.

The biggest problem with this lag spike is that it is showing up for some gamers and not showing up for others.

"We are seeing situations where the issue affects one player but not another in the same instance making this difficult to pin down." Blizzard posted. The good news for fans of the Blizzard title is that the lag spikes appear to be popping up on the PC version, but there isn't the same kind of problems when it comes to the console versions.

'Overwatch' lag spike experiments

Because the lag spike is only affecting certain PC users, the company has some very specific things it's trying out in order to nail down the issue. The thing that is interesting is that Blizzard isn't just asking people who see the problem to try these things, but it appears they are asking all "Overwatch" players to try the steps in order to nail down just what in the world is going on.

The company has asked people to run a scan and repair tool, as well as running the selective startup tool. Users should also exit the launcher while playing the game. The company seems to believe going through these steps has managed to fix the lag spike in some cases. Blizzard also says that if the issues have not been fixed, then players should send in their DXDIAG and MSinfo to Techinfo@blizzard in order to give the firm a better look at what in the world is going on.

No timeline for fix on lag spikes

Blizzard clearly thinks the problems are big enough that it is actively asking people to email in their readings in order to see just what is going on. That's probably not good news for those who are seeing these lag spikes. This situation also means that we cannot expect to find out a window for when this whole issue is going to get sorted out.

For the most part, the problem is quite new. Blizzard is one company that tends to get to work ironing out bugs like this fairly quickly but if they're stumped at the cause and the fix then it will continue to have problems literally cracking the code on what is going on in "Overwatch" for the PC