There's both good news and bad news for "Overwatch" players, as Blizzard is continuing to crack down on players with bad behavior. In fact, the studio has announced their plans to implement permanent Competitive Play bans beginning next week. Blizzard took to the website to outline their steps on how they're punishing players with "unwelcome behavior." "Overwatch" players have been warned that beginning September 27th, players who receive three or more seasonal bans will be permanently prohibited form Competitive Play, which means they can no longer participate in matches in this mode forever.

Blizzard cracks down on players with 'poor in-game behavior'

Blizzard is implementing stricter rules and regulations for "Overwatch" players who continue to exhibit "poor in-game behavior." In fact, the studio explained in a blog post that those with seasonal bans, regardless of if they are consecutively received by players, will be qualified for the Competitive Play ban. Players should note the severity of such bans, as the accumulation of three seasonal bans span across all seasons. For example, if a player receives one seasonal ban in season 1, then another in season 2, and a third in the current season, he or she will automatically be banned from any future Competitive Play matches. More importantly, these bans won't be retracted over a period of time and are permanent for any player accounts.

Update for PC released

In other "Overwatch" news, Blizzard recently released a new update for players on PC and a new patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. For those with console players, the update will include some changes that feature adjustments to the spectator camera for a better viewing experience as well as arcade and character changes.

Mercy's Resurrect credit, which goes to her on-fire meter, has been adjusted based on the recent changes in its functionality. Meanwhile, the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch map rotation will no longer feature the following maps: Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries. However, fans will still be able to access these maps under the Custom Games section.

Another bug fix addressed Genji and Mercy’s ultimate voice lines, which refrained from functioning properly when they are equipped with the Oni or Winged Victory skins. To find out more about the new updates on Blizzard's "Overwatch," head over the