Year after year, different types of games are being produced and released into the market, there are no laid down measures to determine the success of these game. A game may gain ground based on the height of people’s expectation it has met, whether it is engaging enough to capture the interest of the player. A thorough search has led me to select those current PC games that will thrill and meet your desired expectation.

Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey

This is the latest 3D video game developed and published for Nintendo Switch; it is a story in Super Mario series which releases the spirit that possesses Mario Hat.

It makes him control other characters and objects in their journey across other worlds to save Princess Peach from his nemesis browser. This video game at its rate of acceptance knocked off other emerging video games in October. Super Mario Odyssey was reinvented into a fresh game from a long-running series with an ever familiar set up, the success of the game is not really in the story but in the structure which is a combination of Super Mario 64 and Galaxy. The creative platform and beautiful arts make it an evolution of a perfect formula; with an array of moons doting around dozens of kingdoms, just like the Galaxy’s spaceship.

The game has a friendly design, quite unlike other video games; it hardly pushes players away, though failure is inevitable, you are never punished for a failure in Super Mario Odyssey.

The adventurous experience of moon hunting, exploring through the kingdoms, makes it captivating, you will never run out of lives or be asked to repeat sections of games. It is quite unlike any other game, made by Nintendo.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This video game first came out in 2015 but is being re-launched on a global scale in a perfect, and amazing form to attract an audience at every turn, reminding them why they are interested in Star Wars.

It is built in the same mechanical setting as the first game, allowing you to shoot, throw thermal detonators, crouch, and take sniper shots. Some of the hitches in the first game were reformed in this new one, that those who were disappointed before will be fascinated. The game is more responsive and friendly, with so many clear options in the multiplayer mode, well arranged to navigate through options.

This is a narrative story of over 13 chapters written by Mitch Dyer and Walt Williams about Iden Versio, commander of the Empire’s elite Inferno Squad, before the climax of Return of the Jedi. Her mission was to destroy every evidence that will give the rebels knowledge about the Empire secret near Endor, and also the Forest moon where she saw the second Death Star blown apart. In this game, you can decide to play the bad guy or play as the empire throughout the game. Whichever one you decide, you will have a captivating experience.

Among so many PC games released in 2017, the above mentioned have gained the highest acceptance, gained high reviews and comments from people.