343 Industries will release a new Update for “Halo 5” today (Oct.11). The update is called Overtime, which adds tons of new features such as new weapon tuning, game mode changes, and new oddball medals. The update also brings a lot of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Due to this, players can expect a much smoother gameplay after the Overtime update. Players will be able to receive the update at any time today.

New features

The Overtime update will bring a new 4K UHD support for the Xbox One X, which will make the game even more realistic. The Play Ball!

game mode also returned in the official game modes. Players are happy as 343 Industries will finally bring back the fan favorite game mode. There are also new Oddball medals to collect, as well as the return of the Oddball skull object. The update will also bring new weapon tuning for 14 different weapons and gears. The update also adds new commendations such as the Brute Plasma Rifle, Sentinel Beam, Gravity Hammer, Reach Grenade Launcher, Wasp Destroyer, Wasp Gunner, and Grunt Mech Slayer. The Overtime update will also bring changes to the Assualt, which will make it more balanced. 343 Industries also added the Relic Sword to the Forge's weapon palettes. The Forge will also receive new entries for the Gunfighter Flagnum.

It will also bring a lot of new custom game options, which will give more freedom to players.

Bug fixes and improvements

The Overtime update will bring a lot of general stability fixes in the game, which will give players a much better gaming experience. The update also improved several options of the respawn menu, where players can now select a default or random spawn location.

Players can also follow teammates or enemies during respawn time. There's also an improvement to the Flag mode, where players can now select the type of Magnum that will be used or wielded while carrying a flag. There are also a lot of bug fixes in the update. First is the fix on several exploits in the Warzone. The improper recharge of the REQ currency is also fixed in the Overtime update.

Players that are not leveling when joining several Warzone games is also fixed. The lags when a player is trying to join the match is also repaired. Several black screen issues are also solved. Banned players that can still play matches is also solved. Several collision bugs are also repaired in the update. The update also increased the cooldown of the flip maneuver of Banshee. The crash when players died when trying to pick up power-ups is also fixed.