The Worlds final has just concluded and what a series it was! The reigning dynasty has been dethroned by the LCK 3rd seaters. Ssg managed to beat SKT in a smashing 3-0 series. The three games beheld a masterful play style by SSG who were determined not to repeat their previous mistakes against SKT. SSG’s performance made SKT look out of shape to be competing in the finals.

Game 1: SSG win

SSG started the game by denying Faker his roaming picks. Not only that, but they decided to match up Huni’s pushing style with CuVee’s kennen. SSG played their cool style of not rushing fights.

They were slowly taking control over the map, denying vision from SKT and securing objectives. Despite the heavy control, Peanut managed to steal the first baron which delayed the game a little bit but could not prevent the inevitable. SSG managed to crack the base with nerves of steel. Although they had baron and a few kills, SSG avoided Misfits mistake and decided to play it slow. The result, of course, was a smashing clean victory for SSG with a 7-0 on board.

Game 2: SSG win

In game two, SKT decided to play around Huni who planned out his revenge by picking Yasuo. The early game witnessed an unchallenged control of both jungles by Peanut. The game seemed to be in the hands of SKT who even managed to pick up two kills for the world’s best mid-laner, Faker.

Everything went wrong when a fight broke out at Drake and Ambition showed up as a leader for SSG. As SSG committed to the fight they managed to turn the tables around. The ace led to a baron and a tower. SSG went back for the reset with a lot of gold in their pockets. And when the siege started, it was too late for SKT. For the first time in their career, SKT were down 2-0 in a Worlds final.

Game 3: SSG win

Game three was the mightiest of all games and the closest as well. SKT managed to play the early game very well. In game 3, Blank was subbed in for Peanut, which marked a great change of playstyle. With a few successful ganks and map control, SKT got ahead with a baron and a 9-3 score and they headed to close out the game.

However, in a wild team fight, Blank died under the second tier turret which was a huge momentum breaker.

The game kept swaying back and forth for a few minutes with moments of hesitation on both sides. When baron respawned, both teams start to contest it. SKT started the baron with hopes of melting it down with the mountain drake and double infernals. But when CuVee flanked SKT and landed a massive rupture and silence on their carries, he managed to chomp down SKT’s ad carry which led down to a 3-0 team fight and a baron pick.

SSG continued to pressure SKT with the baron buff and manage to pick up kills while breaking into SKT’s base. SKT managed to fend them off the base after the Nexus’ turrets went down.

SKT picked up the infernal which empowered them immensely. The final word, however, was Ruler’s. In a split of a second, he flashed onto the flashless Faker and hit him with "Chains Of Corruption". Thus, they picked up the kill on Faker and closed out the game in a historical moment.