An "Overwatch" alliance team led by Tracer with Genji and McCree as her back-ups are under fire. They are in serious danger and the only way to escape their current condition is with the help of technology coming from HQ. As they reach out to their base for help, they are shocked to learn that Soldier 76 is taking over the control room.

To her surprise, Tracer asked why Soldier 76 is in control of HQ, transporting a subliminal message, “What is this old man doing here?” Apparently, the resident control master D.Va has chosen to skip her duties for the day to do the thing she loves most – playing Video Games.

Proudly, the “Overwatch” American famed vigilante has suited up and takes control of the day. Tracer is obviously unimpressed but a sudden attack hit Genji’s leg prompting her to rely on Soldier 76’s technological prowess.

Their battle team needs some advanced suits to aid them to travel until they reach a nearby tunnel going to the HQ. Alas, Mr. Jack Morrison has none of that prowess and he is even lost on basic computing.

While figuring out how to deliver the request, Tracer kept bugging him. He tried to lower the volume of her voice but he accidentally turned it off and totally lost their connection.

Genji-McCree bromance

Moments later, with still no response from Soldier 76, the team took shelter with McCree, carrying the injured Genji.

Very concerned at his crème de la crème body feature, the broken ninja asked Jack, “Is my [buttocks] still a killer?”

Jack McCree is lost for words but Genji is desperate for an answer, saying, “Look at it and tell me the truth!” To which Jack replied, “Yes, it’s still a killer but…”

This led to a very awkward conversation between the two machismo warriors.

Omnibook social media

Meanwhile, Tracer opened her Omnibook social app only to find out that Soldier 76 was already there trying to find out how to turn friends on which he later changed to, “How to get friends turned on now.” He meant how to turn on friend audio.

Other “Overwatch” heroes noticed his message but were unable to figure out what he meant.

And of all the people to see his chats, it was Reaper who tagged both Widowmaker and Sombra. Quickly, Sombra joined in, laughing at their old friend, but the sneaky hacker wasn’t contented with her crazy antics. She sent an obvious trap to Soldier 76.

The virus link was clicked and turned the entire HQ system into chaos. Winston came to the rescue but he was late and the two end up roasted upon the explosion.

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