Blizzcon 2017 did not disappoint after bringing in massive updates to its continuously expanding gaming universe. While every piece of news that was introduced by Blizzard mattered, the attention of “Overwatch” community was diverted to the whereabouts of their favorite Voice Actors who flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

In addition, according to Forbes, a new game character Moira O'Deorain has been revealed. Everyone was excited to witness the elusive “Overwatch” cast reunion which only happens during this annual event.

And to relive that rare “Overwatch” moment, here’s a rundown of the best behind-the-scenes captured at the event.

(Click the image icon above to see the photos or keep reading to watch the moments on video.)

Experience tranquility

Prior to actual BlizzCon 2017, Genji (Gaku Space) posted a video clip from last year featuring Zenyatta (Feodor Chin) and his slaves Lucio (Jonny Cruz), Genji, Roadhog (Josh Petersdorf), and Torbjorn (Keith Silverstein). The original video of this clip had already been watched more than a million times on Symmetra's (Anjali Bhimani) YouTube channel.

Wrap Party Year 2

Gaku Space shared a photo of the cast with game producers, creators, and the staff to celebrate another successful run of BlizzCon 2017.

While the photo was obviously missing some cast members, it was considered the best one for this year’s reunion.

The second featured photo includes Genji, Mercy (Lucie Pohl), D.Va (Charlet Chung), Hanzo(Paul Nakauchi), Zenyatta, Pharah (Jen Cohn), Widowmaker (Chloe Hollings), Ana (Aysha Selim), Reaper (Keith Ferguson), Junkrat (Christopher L.

Parson), Roadhog, Reinhardt (Darin De Paul), Torbjorn, and McCree (Matthew Mercer).

Weirdos united

Before getting into the business, the voice actors posed for a picture (Photo No. 3). This time, Zenyatta uploaded the photo and captioned it with: "The world needs weirdoes."

What's inside Blizzard's gift bag?

Funny besties alert!

Sombra (Carolina Ravassa) thanked Blizzard for giving her a very useful gift bag but to everyone's surprise, Symmetra was hidden inside the bag.

How to accommodate a French girl?

Photo no. 4 shows what happens when you let Symmetra take charge of touring a French woman in America. She will ply her with wine, make her eat French food, and let her stand next to locks on.

The next 'Overwatch' heroes

That moment when you let Symmetra and Widowmaker decide who will be the next hero in the game and they choose Charley Dog just because...

When your ships come to life

This is the first time gamers' favorite ships come together to make the fandom swoon and fall in love. The D.Va-Lucio and Genji-Widowmaker loveteams ganged together for the ultimate PDA post.

Nerf Mercy IRL movement

Even in real life, Mercy has to be nerfed after throwing Widowmaker out so she can be to be with Genji. Fans will know for sure.

Reinhardt's best moment ever

Moving along! It seems that Mercy has met her match in the person of Reinhardt, who is apparently having the best time of his life at BlizzCon 2017 Warp Party.

Wishing for a snowball

When Roadhog appeared with several boxes of Mei's snowball and everyone wanted to buy it any cost.