While most of the community continue to stack up XPs as they wait for "Destiny 2's" first ever DLC that is "Curse of Osiris," there has been ongoing talk among players about how Experience Points were being rolled out. That being said, a fan may have just uncovered something that could be connected to the game's loot box system.

A player did the Math

A Redditor (EnergiserX) recently took to "Destiny's" subreddit to show what he had discovered. If the player's diagnostics about "Destiny 2's" XP system are anything to go by, the Redditor claimed that Bungie could be "throttling" the rollout of experience points in a subtle way.

The Reddit post has been gaining traction among players and has seen a lot of discussion on that subreddit. A lot of them believe that this could be connected with the game's loot box system which has been a highly debated topic in the gaming world lately, thanks to EA's 'Battlefront 2' fiasco.

In response

Bungie was quick enough to address the issue as they released an official statement and was posted on both their website and the "Destiny" subreddit. This move by Bungie clearly indicates that they don't want to suffer the consequences that EA is experiencing now and opted to put it out early before it could get any worse.

Per the blog post, Bungie stated that they are closely monitoring the forum posts adding that they agree that the system is not working the way it was supposed to.

The game maker also pointed out the "effective immediately," the current XP scaling system will be deactivated.

The game maker further explained that the effects will be noticeable as these will be implemented "across the board." Bungie went on stating that they'll be checking on the XP data to make sure that these updates meet their expectations.

"Destiny 2" players, on the other hand, have mixed opinions about it. However, the majority of the player base are quite irked about it stating that Bungie got some explaining to do as to why it existed within the game in the first place.

The agent is back

Meanwhile, the Agent of the Nine vendor Xur is back this weekend to give Guardians another dose of Exotic loot. This week, the mysterious salesman has been found to be selling his merch on the Giant's Scar region in Io. Some of the items that he brought in include the Warlock Chest Piece known as the Starfire Protocol, the Lucky Pants Hunter leg armor, a Titan helmet dubbed as The Mask of the Quiet One, and the Merciless fusion rifle. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: