Bungie had their first of three live streams today to talk about the upcoming "curse of Osiris" DLC for "Destiny 2". We heard from one of the head story team members and one of the head art team members about who Osiris is, how he has a named Ghost, and we got to see the area that we will be playing come December 5th. The DLC will take place on Mercury and it has a whole new area to explore, Lost Sectors to complete, and new public events to take part in and also a light increase to 335. But what about the single-player story content?

New single-player content

Tim Clark of pcgamer.com got a chance to visit Bungie and play a chunk of the upcoming DLC and had a good bit to say about it. The story takes place a few months after the main campaign of D2 and has you going to Mercury at the request of Ikora Rey to check out a hidden network her spies have found. Once you get to Mercury the Vex of the present and past are gearing up since the Light of the Traveler spread out across the universe and beyond. There are structures that let you travel to the past where the sun is dead and humanity barely exists on Mercury.

The story missions seem to be in line with expansions like "Rise of Iron" and "The Taken King" at around eight or so new story missions and two new strikes.

The two strikes are tied into story missions like the new strikes from "The Taken King" were so it will be worth listening to the dialogue in those strikes. The Infinite Forest is a new area that you will play story missions in and it is very Vex-ed up with machine-like structures in a forest setting. There's also Sagira who is the ghost of Osiris.

You play with her a good chunk of the campaign and she has an interesting personality.

New gear and Raid Lair

In addition to new content, there will also be new gear and weapons to collect. Brother Vance returns from "Destiny1" and will be the vendor of Mercury just like all the other vendors on the other planets in the game.

You collect the coins and turn them into him to get gear and guns. He is a desciple of Osiris and has a bit more of a personality than he did just standing in The Reef in the first game.

There's also going to be the first expansion to a Raid that's being called a "Raid Lair". The first lair will be called "The Eater of Worlds" and will come out a bit after the release of the DLC. You will be going back to the Leviathan but go down into the belly of the ship instead of climbing it. It is going to be an entirely new section of the ship with new encounters and puzzles leading to a new Raid boss. This will also offer new armor sets and weapons. It will more than likely come out a week after the DLC launch if it's going to follow the same formula since the Raid launched a week after the launch of D2.

That's about all they talked about on this particular steam and that's all Tim could go into but another stream will be next week talking more about what players will be doing in the DLC, and a third the week after that talking all about armor and guns. This DLC is shaping up to be a pretty massive story with cool looking gear and an awesome new patrol zone. "Curse of Osiris" releases on December 5th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.