By now, I am sure that you have heard all about the issues gamers are currently having with EA. Between microtransactions and a lack of consumer support, it is no surprise that the player rating for "Battlefront Ii" is a measly 0.8. That being said, if you look past the fact that you need to grind out what seems like 4,000,000 hours before you can unlock Darth Vader, the game itself is pretty d*mn beautiful. Whether you are crushing it as Yoda or delving into the Dark Side, the game is actually really enjoyable.

The controversial aspects

As someone who does not support capitalism or monopolizations like Electronic Arts, I get it.

I get why the gaming community is so upset. Gaming is supposed to be fun, a nice way to relax after a long day at work, and a way to socialize with friends and other gamers.

When games require microtransactions in order to move up and advance, it gets annoying. Even if those microtransactions are in the realm of in-game currency, you still have to grind in order to meet the minimum requirements to advance. It takes the fun out of playing.

Originally, the game introduced the fact that you must play around 40 hours in order to get one new hero (along with microtransactions). After the initial criticism that the game received, EA removed the microtransactions but maintained their in-game loot boxes and in-game currency, which, unfortunately, still makes the game feel like more or less a grind fest.

EA did reduce the hero-earning-grinding by roughly 75 percent, though, which means that instead of playing 40 hours for one hero, it now will take about three to four hours of playing to earn one hero. You can’t argue that EA’s adjustments aren’t better, even if they aren’t favorable. Playing for hours a day to earn one advancement in the game still feels like a lot of work.

But is it worth it?

With that said, I bought it. While I do not want to support EA as much as the next guy, I did want to play "Battlefront II." The game itself is three times the size of its predecessor, according to EA, and let me tell you, it is gorgeous. From the vibrant graphics to familiar controls, the game is an experience itself.

Up to 40 players can battle it out, defending either the Empire or the Alliance. Some will say that all first/third-person shooters are the same, but "Battlefront II" offers a fast-paced world gamers can fully immerse themselves in.

Personally, I really, really enjoy couch co-op. I like to be able to have friends over and rock the split screen in a 1v1 galactic battle. Players also have the choice of battling 999 bots while teaming up with a buddy on split screen. The localized options are definitely great, but the online multiplayer really kicks the game up a notch. Being able to play with such a large group of people banding together for one cause is easily a great time.

If you are still angry at EA for their methods—as you rightfully should be—don’t buy the game.

Rent it. Borrow it. You do not have to support EA and purchase the game, but I highly recommend playing it. It greatly beats out its predecessor with gameplay, and it is a genuinely fun game. I guarantee you will not regret playing it.