Hardcore gamers were reportedly excited about this week, as a new video game service from Gamestop was scheduled to make its debut. The company named it PowerPass and it allows qualified customers to borrow unlimited used games for six months. Furthermore, they get to keep the final game they rented at the end of their subscription. However, the retail chain has unexpectedly canceled their launch for undisclosed reasons. Employees of the video game retail chain were instructed to remove all signage related to their new program until further notice.

Sadly, there has been no official communication from the company as to why it was suspended and when it will become available.

PowerPass service held off by GameStop

Kotaku was able to communicate with some of the retailer’s employees to verify the reason for the service’s suspension. The exact cause of the stoppage has yet to be officially confirmed but speculation narrowed it down to their system’s capabilities. Some of the staff believes that their computers are currently incapable of handling the service, which presumably requires current-gen technology to handle all of the required data.

A spokesperson from the video game retailer confirmed that it has not been canceled, but is currently on hold due to system improvements.

The company communicated that “we have elected to temporarily pause the rollout of the new PowerPass subscription service.” GameStop also noted that they want to re-launch the service once they believe that their systems can reliably handle all the data.

Taking care of any loose ends

The gaming retail chain also advised customers that have already purchased their subscription to request a refund.

Subscribers have the option to bring back the game they had borrowed and request for their money back. Likewise, they will be allowed to choose any used game and keep it for free. It seems like the company wants to keep their end of the bargain to avoid angering the public.

What could have been

PowerPass really seems like a good deal, especially for gamers who can quickly complete each game and move on to another.

$60 USD is good for six months and permits users to choose from any pre-owned games available in the store’s library. After the service ends, they get to keep whatever game they last checked out. To qualify, subscribers are required to be an existing member of their PowerUp rewards program. Its only drawback is that the games available are limited to the local shop where the customer signed up.