As the holiday season draws closer, gamers have started to browse through different offers from several outlets. It’s only acceptable for consumers to spend their hard-earned cash on items they have always wanted. That’s why I took a look at the latest deals from several retailers to help gamers make their decisions. As we know, Nintendo’s new console is obviously the hottest item on anyone’s shopping list. Therefore, I have prepared some Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 deals that are sure to save you some cash. It should be noted that some of these discounts are going live ahead of time.

Black Friday 2017 savings for Nintendo Switch gamers

First off, everyone should know that most of these deals do not involve the console itself but focuses more on its software and accessories. On the flipside, this seems like a credible hint that the hard-to-find console will be in stock. The manufacturer has previously confirmed that it had intended to ramp up its production of the hybrid game system to meet the continued demand. Last year, a lot of buyers were extremely disappointed by the company’s poor handling of the NES Classic Edition shipments, which left many consumers leaving empty-handed. Furthermore, resellers had a field day selling the retro consoles for more than the MSRP.

The Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 listing from several retailers like GameStop, Target, and Best Buy confirmed that its price is still locked at $300 USD.

Meanwhile, Walmart reportedly continues to sell it for $299 along with third-party wired controllers that retail for $17 USD. Sadly, official accessories like the Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons did not get any discounts whatsoever. Best Buy currently offers a deal with the PowerA Joy-Con Charging Station for $20 USD, while GameStop offers both Joy-Con and Pro controller chargers with a “Super Mario” theme or “Legend Of Zelda” theme for $25 USD each.

Software deals and offers

Those hoping for a discounted price on “Super Mario Odyssey” are out of luck given that first-party games are usually not included.

Luckily one of the console’s must-have games gets a deal. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition” will be available for $49 USD at Walmart and includes a two-sided map and 100-page guidebook. “Super Bomberman R”, on the other hand, will be marked down to $25 USD. For $20 USD, “Puyo Puyo Tetris,” “The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+,” and “Disgaea 5: Complete Edition” will be available at Best Buy, while Toys R Us will have “1-2 Switch.”

Likewise, consumers are also advised to monitor upcoming announcements from Amazon regarding their Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 offers. As of now, it has not been confirmed if the gaming company also plans to extend some discounts on their EShop.