A couple of days ago, Ubisoft promised that a new patch will arrive to “For Honor” in PlayStation 4. Now, it just went live, thus activating the highly anticipated Quit Penalty system. Here is everything about the latest update in a nutshell.

Patch 1.08 for “For Honor” has just been unleashed by the video game company on the aforementioned console. The update is meant as a follow-up to the game’s second season, which is called “Shadow and Might.” It brought the long-awaited penalty system for quitters, along with some minor bugs and fixes. It is without a doubt a very interesting addition to the fighting-themed title.

Introducing the Quit Penalty in “For Honor”

It is worth noting that this feature was already rolled out to the game prior to the arrival of the new patch. However, it was yet to be activated, as the developers needed to do a couple of works before finalizing everything. With the arrival of patch 1.08, the Quit Penalty system is finally activated.

The feature, as the name suggests, is developed specifically to counter the great number of rage-quitters in “For Honor.” Apparently, this grew exponentially, as Ubisoft did not really implement a system of such since day one. It was explained that due to the complexity of the game’s peer-to-peer system, the studio had to do away with a fighting game with no penalty system for leavers.

What the new feature brings to the game

With the implementation of the Quit Penalty system in the game, the developers hope to reduce the amount rage quitting happening during matches. In fact, this feature has long been requested by the community, as they believe that leavers have heavily impacted the game’s potentials and success.

Also, the system is there to better improve the overall gameplay experience, something that is quite significant for a game that has been losing a good number of players.

All “For Honor” players will receive a warning message regarding the penalty prior to the quitting, as a way to remind them. If and only if they resort to quitting (be it through the in-game menu or Alt+F4), they will automatically acquire a 10-minute matchmaking penalty.

The latter, in particular is also applicable to the entire group members if the leader is the one who leaves. Moreover, there will be at least 30 second grace window at the start of the match to serve as a means to account all incomplete groups and/or matchmaking problems.