Last week's BlizzCon provided "Overwatch" fans with something to look forward to: the new hero Moira, the 26th character who is a healer. But just as Blizzard announced her arrival last Friday, the studio has gone ahead and made her available in the Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC. According to PC Gamer, the new addition was made on Monday afternoon. Moira features "biotic abilities" that enable her to heal or damage. Here's an overview of what she can do.

Moira's Biotic abilities defined

According to PC Gamer, "Overwatch"'s new hero Moira has several abilities that enable her to "contribute healing or damage in any crisis." First, she is equipped with the Biotic Grasp, an ability that enables her to expend biotic energy through her left hand.

This heals her teammates in front of her. Meanwhile, her right hand is on the aggressive: she uses it to fore a long-range beam weapon that trims her opponent's health, replacing her own biotic energy. Blizzard's 26th "Overwatch" character also has a Biotic Orb that lets her launch a rebounding biotic sphere and then select between a regeneration effect on her teammates who pass through the sphere, or a decay effect that damages opponents who do the same Moira is also capable of using Fade, which enables her to teleport between short distances, and the Coalescence capability that lets her channel a long-range beam that heals her allies and deals damage to opponents.

New patch adds balancing changes to other characters

The "Overwatch" patch that brought Moira to the PC PTR has added some balancing changes to other characters. According to Gamespot, Ana's biotic rifle has increased its damage to 70 from 60, and Mercy's Resurrect will have to wait for 1.75 seconds before taking effect, compared to its formerly instant effect.

The new patch also includes a fix for the bug that made objects fly across the room in the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

PTR available on PC only

For those who want to test drive the "Overwatch" new hero Moira, note that she is only available via PTR, which is limited to PC. Accounts from players across the globe, except China, will be able to access the PTR.

The PTR can currently support 10,000 concurrent players, so some players may experience a short wait on the queue before loggin on. For those who are looking to try Moira on the PTR must note that any progress earned from their performance will not be carried over to the live game once logged out. "Overwatch" is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.