PC gamers finally joined console players as “Destiny 2” officially launched for the platform this week. Gamers were apparently hyped due to its alleged superiority over the console versions of the shooter. Although the PlayStation 4 version boasts more exclusive content over the Xbox One and PC, options like unlocked framerates and upgraded visuals are its notable advantages. Market researchers confirm that the recently released version has also sold a significant number of units. However, players have started to report that their accounts were being banned from the game.

Bungie finally shared an update regarding the supposed issue and more information about streaming programs compatibility.

PC version of ‘Destiny 2’ bans players

Just recently, a large number of players complained that Bungie has unjustly banned their accounts from “Destiny 2”. The developer acknowledged that their system has barred an estimated 400 users but not without reason. Prior to the studio’s announcement, it was speculated that the issue was probably caused by software used for streaming. Initial speculation pointed to recording applications like OBS and XSplit as well as some screen overlays caused the issue.

Meanwhile, the developers noted that users who rely on tools to take advantage of the game’s established ecosystem will definitely get banned.

Moreover, they clarified that the process is not automated by the system. It is in fact manually initiated by moderators after some investigation.

Help page for third-party programs

Bungie recognizes that certain players love to stream their gameplay online.

They reiterated that the use of these third-party tools is not considered to be a violation. Furthermore, a new help page was added with detailed information regarding what software is supported by the title. According to their guide, streamers can opt for hardware capture devices like NVIDIA Shadowplay, AMD ReLive, and Elgato, which are fully supported.

On the other hand, software tools like XSplit and OBS are just apparently partially supported.

PC gamers can finally start to catch up with console players now that “Destiny 2” has been released for the popular gaming platform. Despite the recent ban complaints from some users, everything seems to be going smoothly for the sci-fi FPS. Guardians can also look forward to more content as Bungie recently revealed its plans for the title’s second season. Longtime players will also see the return of some seasonal events like The Dawning. Sadly, the developer confirmed that there won’t be an in-game Halloween event.