Bungie has been on the grind in keeping the "Destiny 2" hype train chugging. Now that they have announced the game's first ever DLC - "Curse of Osiris," they are now prepping up for a series of scheduled Twitch streams this month as it will provide a detailed look at the upcoming content.

More on 'Curse of Osiris'

"Destiny 2's" official Twitter page recently posted an image from the expansion telling its fandom to "eliminate the threat in 'Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.'" Per the image, it featured somewhat of a portal alongside a triangular structure that was earlier seen in the DLC's teaser trailer.

In line with this, additional screenshots coming from the expansion have been circulating the web. The images showcased a Guardian donning an alleged Vex-themed armor while holding an orb.

Other photos show the Guardian slamming the orb into a glowing structure that is believed to be Vex in origin. Game buffs suggest that this could be one of the methods on how to thwart the alien threat in Mercury.

Twitch stream dates

Meanwhile, Bungie's latest blog post revealed the schedule for their upcoming "Curse of Osiris" Twitch streams. Per the post, the first stream will kick off on November 15 and it will feature the DLC's locations, the characters that players will come across with, and the enemies they'll be facing.

Stream number two will go live on November 21 where it will reveal the activities that will go alongside the expansion.

The third and final stream will be on November 29 as it will showcase "new inventories" and these will be seen in action within the DLC's new Crucible map known as Wormhaven.

Time to grind once again for some Faction Rally tokens

In other "Destiny 2" news, Faction Rallies will be returning in the game this November 7 and will run until November 13.

The mechanics are pretty much the same, though rewards were tweaked by Bungie.

Per Bungie's post, Strike rewards were upped between five to nine tokens from its original three to seven. However, Heroic Public Events were down to five tokens which were eight during the first FR. No tokens will be given whenever an enemy resource gets destroyed. Nightfall rolls out 10 to 18 tokens on the first completion per character. Lastly, opening Lost Sector chests will shell out three tokens per Fireteam member.

The blog post also revealed the weapons line up for each faction including the ones that they'll be selling once they win the upcoming event. Fans might want to check Bungie's website for further details about "Destiny 2."

Check out a video about the game here: