For the past few months, gamers have voiced out their concerns regarding the current state of videogames. It seems that a lot of game developers have hopped on the DLC and microtransactions bandwagon in an attempt to squeeze out the extra dollar from its customers. Just recently, EA’s “Star Wars Battlefront 2” received negative feedback from fans due to its supposedly pay-to-win multiplayer concept. In fact, there was even a request to have lawmakers classify loot boxes as gambling. Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED confirms their plans to go against the flow and assure their fans that “Cyberpunk 2077” will release without microtransactions.

Microtransactions not part of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ release plans

The game studio apparently wanted to smash the rumors their upcoming game will feature the aforementioned system. An earlier statement from Adam Kicinski, studio CEO, noted that “there will be a certain online element” included in the RPG. His comment was presumably taken out of context and left many of their fans concerned. After all, a lot of AAA games from known publishers have started to implement the same strategy for most of their titles.

CD Projekt RED’s promptly took to Twitter to confirm that “Cyberpunk 2077” with be “nothing less than” their award-winning title, “The Witcher 3.” They also added that their upcoming RPG includes is a “no hidden catch, you get what you pay for” kind of product.

Furthermore, the studio stated that it will be “just honest gaming” similar to “Wild Hunt” and that they plan to “leave greed to others.” It appears that the Polish game developer acknowledges that its gamers are not in favor of microtransactions.

Development status

Adam Kacinski shared some updates regarding the current build of the sci-fi role-playing title.

He confirmed that their game engine is functional and that their development has progressed beyond their set targets. This is certainly good news for their fans who have previously speculated that it has been put on hold. Moreover, the studio confirmed that there were some hiccups encountered along the way but it’s not serious enough to affect their plans.

Meanwhile, EA has not officially confirmed if it has permanently removed the pay-to-win mechanics of “Star Wars Battlefront 2.” CD Projekt RED still has several years more before they can announce a release date for “Cyberpunk 2077.” Nevertheless, given the quality of “The Witcher 3” when it was launched, gamers can certainly look forward to the game studio’s commitment to quality, quantity, and definitely no microtransactions.