Fans of CAPCOM’s stylish hack-and-slash action game are advised to tune in to Sony’s Playstation Experience (PSX) event this December. The last installment of the studio’s “Devil May Cry” series was released around nine years ago. Even though “DMC: Devil May Cry” was released back in 2012, most gamers considered the game developed by Ninja Theory as more of a spin-off title. The popularity of the characters continued as cameos in different games. Series mainstay Dante is still as popular as ever but a certain fanbase also want the fourth installment’s protagonist, Nero, to make a comeback.

In light of a recent leak, it was hinted that a new game in the series is under development and might be revealed during the PSX show.

New ‘Devil May Cry’ will bring back Nero

The information reportedly came from Reddit user, DasVergeben, who reportedly shared leaked information about several games. One of those is supposedly a new “Devil May Cry” installment from CAPCOM. Furthermore, it was also indicated that Dante and Vergil make an appearance as expected along with Nero, whose last appearance was in the fourth game of the action-packed series.

The user also noted that it will be publicly showcased during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California from December 9 to 10, 2017.

Other AAA software from various publishers like the new “God of War,” “The Last of Us Part 2,” and Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” are expected to be some of the highlights of the game expo.

Credibility accounted

These leaks sadly do not come with any other form of evidence except for the user’s claims. Prior to the official announcement of the latest “Injustice 2” DLC Pack, the same user predicted the appearance of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which apparently caught everyone by surprise.

DasVergeben also added that Bandai Namco will finally announce the next “Soul Calibur” game during the PSX show.

Fans want another one

Dedicated fans of the action game have long wanted CAPCOM to revisit the “Devil May Cry” franchise. In fact, the company released remastered editions of the last two games for the current-gen consoles.

During E3 2017, Hideaki Istuno told gamers that development for their next game was “progressing smoothly.” The game director seems like the perfect candidate to supervise the development of the next installment. After all, he was credited for the second, third, and fourth games of the series. Fans would just have to wait until Sony's PlayStation Experience to see if the speculation holds true.