The "Curse of Osiris" DLC is just a few weeks away and a lot has been teased with the new content. While most fans wait for it to officially drop, there are a few who just can't wait and uncovered some juicy stuff about "Destiny 2's" first expansion.

New codes added

A Redditor (spiffomatic64) recently took to "Destiny's" subreddit to reveal the interesting find. Dubbed "11-17 API Update," the Redditor claims that its contents will go live alongside "Curse of Osiris."

Per the alleged API leak, a new objective was recently added. Initially coded as "Classified," it did not disclose as to what the new objective is.

However, the description stated "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."

The datamined information also hinted that there could be a trial version of "Destiny 2." An emblem was even unearthed by another fan that strengthened the Redditor's speculation, though the leakster advised players to chew on it with grains of salt.

The leak also revealed three new locations that will be introduced alongside "Curse of Osiris." However, the Redditor only obtained codes for these and names of these areas were not mentioned. It is believed that there could also be three new vendors within those areas.

The same thing goes for the three upcoming activities. Some fans, on the other hand, speculate that these activities might be the Infinite Forest, Clarion Call, and Raid Lair. The Redditor also highlighted another interesting code within the API suggesting that "a new perk is potentially coming."

A so-called "DestinyReportReasonCategoryDefinition" was also discovered.

The Redditor is not quite sure though as to whether this is a new system to report toxic players in the game or just an addition to an existing system to the API. Per the post, the grounds in which a player gets reported include inactivity, griefing, verbal abuse, quitting, abusive chat, bad connection, cheating, and exploiting.

Saint-14 shotgun sighting

Meanwhile, it may well seem that another new exotic will be introduced by the time "Destiny 2's" first DLC drops. A shotgun rifle that is likely to be named Saint-14 could be gracing the game when "Curse of Osiris" goes live on December 5.

Fans might remember the DLC's gameplay that was teased some weeks ago where it featured some new and returning exotic weapons and gear. One of them was a shotgun that was noticed by many to have an impressive firepower. Keen-eyed players also took notice of the number 14 written in Roman numerals, not to mention the fleur-de-lis right above it.

That being said, fans were given the impression that the weapon could be linked to Saint-14.

For the uninitiated, Saint-14 is close friends with the Vanguard Osiris prior to his disappearance on Mercury and was also the legendary defender of the city. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here.