Fans were quite disappointed with Studio Wildcard's announcement over at this year's TwitchCon the "ARK: Survival Evolved's" massive expansion - "Aberration" will be bogged down "for some weeks." This did not stop the developer from keeping the hype train chugging as they recently released a new dossier featuring another creature from the delayed DLC.

Mutant mole rat

The latest installment of Wildcard's Community Crunch showcased another image of an upcoming creature in "ARK's" "Aberration" segment. Per the new dossier, it is without a doubt a pre-historic mole rat.

The developer even took to Twitter to reveal the new specie as most fans have compared it to "Fallout's" iteration of the creepy-looking rodent.

Game buffs also pointed out that this naked mole rat was already featured during the "Aberration" teaser. At 0:27 of the video where a ladder is being rolled down, the giant rat can be seen at the left side of the screen. Albeit its looks, the sizzler reel may well seem to suggest that the creature is tamable since it was spotted within the DLC's Fertile Chamber which is the safest biome within the new ARK.

Halloween tweaks and treats

Meanwhile, Wildcard announced that there will be seasonal changes within "ARK" just in time for the Halloween.

The spooky-themed tweaks will go live on October 30 as the entirety of the game's official servers on all platforms will be under a so-called "witches curse" that will be in effect for 48 hours.

Per the announcement, it stated that "the air is colder, the days shorter, and the nights will be longer." The developer further explained that players will be noticing "abnormal overworld spawns" alongside some returning cosmetics and nifty items that will available in the drops.

Xbox folks

As for the Xbox Rental Servers, Wildcard stated that they have resolved the issue with Microsoft adding that the patch is in the pipeline to being certified. They went on stating that fans can expect these servers to arrive by Wednesday, November 1.

"ARK's" Steam Weekend Sale is still up and faithfuls can still take advantage of the 50 percent price slash of "ARK: Survival Evolved" and the "Scorched Earth" segment.

The Season Pass is also on sale which players can purchase for 25 percent off.

Wildcard has yet to announce a specific release date for the "Aberration" expansion after it got delayed for "some weeks." Fans are advised to check "ARK's" websites for the latest updates about the game. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: