Digital Extremes released the much-anticipated update for “Warframe” called the Plains of Eidolon. It adds an open-world feature to the game, which gives players more activities. The update also adds a new "Warframe" called Gara. It features an amazing battle style that gives players the advantage on both offense and defense. The Plains of Eidolon also features new mods and weapons. Digital Extremes also added the focus 2.0 in the latest update.

Plains of Eidolon features

The Plains of Eidolon offers many different activities that will keep players busy.

First is the bounty mission, where players are rewarded with a random valuable item after completing a certain mission. Players can also fish in the open-world, which can be used to purchase different items from Hai-Luk.

The Plains of Eidolon also features a new crafting system, where players are now allowed to craft their own weapons and name them. Players can also mine and refine different minerals into gems. The update also adds new customization options for the orbiter and companions. There is also a shop where players can buy "Warframe" masks made from paper, which can be used by the operator. Players must go to Cetus on Earth to enter the Planes of Eidolon.

New 'Warframe', mods and the focus 2.0

Gara is the new "Warframe" that is included in the Planes of Eidolon update. Gara is described as a Glass Warframe, which features deadly skills with the use of sharp glass. Gara can also be a perfect "Warframe" in terms of defense, as its fourth skill can create a huge circle of glass, which freezes enemies inside and blocks all enemies from outside.

Aside from the new "Warframe," the update also included the focus 2.0. The latest version of the focus makes the operator much stronger and combat-ready. Due to this, players should now focus more on the operator to dominate in the Planes of Eidolon. There is also a new weapon in the latest update, which is called the Astilla.

It shoots exploding glass slugs, which scatters in almost every direction. The Planes of Eidolon also brings a new melee weapon called Volnus. It is a glass hammer that features very high damage. There is also a new throwing weapon called the Fusilai, which also features high piercing attacks.

The update also adds a new weapon called the Argonak, which highlights enemies when zoomed in. It is very useful on nighttime in the Plains of Eidolon. Digital Extremes also added a new melee weapon called Krohkur, which can hook enemies and deal high damage. The Planes of Eidolon also added a new mod sets system, where players are given bonus stats when equipping a set of mods.