Warframe” is known for its amazing weaponry. Some players also love to focus on getting the best primary weapons early in the game. The secondary weapons, which are known to be the pistols and throwing knives, are known to be weak and unreliable, especially against high-level enemies. There are also melee weapons in the game, which is known as the swords, katanas, and spears. There are also dual-blades and gauntlets in the game, which are very effective in most cases. However, the primary weapons are considered as the most reliable equipment in terms of killing numerous enemies.

Here are the Top 3 primary weapons in “Warframe” that every player should consider getting.


The Dread is one of the most popular bows in “Warframe.” It has an amazing design, which fits perfectly with almost every character in the game. The Dread is also known for its outstanding critical damage and critical chance, which can one-hit a high-level enemy. Even though the Dread has a lower reload speed than the other bows in the game, it is still considered to be one of the most effective bows to use in killing armored enemies, as it can pierce right through armor. Obtaining the Dread Blueprint is very easy in the game, as players will only need to kill Stalkers in order for it to drop. It also requires materials that are easy to find.

Boltor Prime

Boltor Prime is considered to be one of the most classic and powerful rifles in the game. Botor Prime has the ability to pin every enemy to the wall. The rifle also has devastating damage, which can clear a high-level mission in just a few minutes. It is also being chased by so many players in “Warframe” as it is very stylish and rare.

The Boltor Prime is also known for its extremely fast fire rate.

Vaykor Hek

Vaykor Hek is a syndicate weapon in “Warframe.” It is a destructive shotgun, which can also provide stat bonuses. The Vaykor Hek is also one of the most sought after shotguns in the game. It has a high critical chance, which is very useful for a shotgun.

The Veykor Hek is also known for its healing ability and restoration of armor, which can be very useful for a tank character. It can also deal massive blast damage to enemies, making it very beneficial in farming high-level areas. It is not an easy task getting Vaykor Hek, as players need to reach a mastery rank of 12. However, it is definitely worth it for those who are looking for a devastating primary weapon in the game.