Bungie is successfully keeping it fresh for Guardians as they deliver new content each week since it launched back in September. This week’s highlight focuses on the PVP side of “Destiny 2” as Lord Saladin graces the new Tower to hold the Iron Banner tournament. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel also sees some changes with the game mode. Weapon and Gear level no longer gives players an advantage over their opponents and rewards are in the form of tokens (just like other vendors). Meanwhile, fans will be busy collecting the armor sets for each class, which are apparently inspired by the Japanese warrior armor.

We also take a quick look on how long will it take Guardians to complete their set based on the reward system and RNG.

Iron Banner collection in ‘Destiny 2’

To get an idea of the amount of effort players have to deal with to complete their collection, a Reddit user known as moako shared his findings, as reported by Game Rant. He apparently used random sampling to come up with the numbers, which is apparently known as the Monte Carlo method. He noted that in total, there are 13 pieces of Iron Banner gear that includes the eight weapons and the five pieces of armor for a specific class. Data collected also revealed that the reward system might give out duplicates randomly.

The numbers needed

Post-calculation, the user claimed that an average player would need to earn a total of 29.7 loot packages in order to complete set of armor.

It was noted that there are instances where a user could be unlucky, hence the overestimation. Actually, if the RNG is in the Guardian’s favor, you would only need to open around 27 reward packages. Additionally, it is estimated that roughly 50% of the players who participated in the event will be able to earn the full armor set for their character.

Furthermore, if Guardians want to collect all 13 pieces of Iron Banner loot the required number of packages becomes drastically higher. It is understandably troublesome for players who would need to grab around 41 reward packages, which should be equivalent to around 164 matches won. Likewise, 410 defeats can also earn the whole collection given the minimum number of tokens awarded.

Collecting everything is a challenge

Veteran Guardians are apparently irked by the new reward system in “Destiny 2,” which relies on the token rewards system. The fact that Iron Banner events only last a week each month should frustrate players who aim to complete everything. It seems unanimous that gamers feel the allocated time is just not enough.

There is also a big chance that new gear will be added to loot pool in the next monthly event, which should make the grind even more uphill than now. However, Bungie’s tendency to listen to fan feedback might result in some changes in the near future.