Fans saw them on television, now they can freely play with them in the coming RPG Steven Universe: Save the Light.” Grumpyface studios have unveiled the official release date for the sequel of “Steven Universe: Attack the Light.”

Once again, Steven and the gang will be ready to fight off the baddies in a turn-based strategy game. They will be traveling in a very familiar setting that is inspired by the animated series created by Rebecca Sugar.

The game’s characters, fusions, and newcomers

“Steven Universe: Save the Light” has eight playable characters with “special team-up” attacks that can be obtained by correct partnerships.

They are Steven, Greg, Connie, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Peridot will also be included. Lapis, too, will be an option, although this is not confirmed yet, Den of Geek reported.

The game will also feature character fusions. At the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the mixed characters of Stevonnie (Steven and Connie), Opal (Pearl and Amethyst), and Sardonyx (Pearl and Garnet) were revealed.

There will also be a new character added named Squaridot. She is also a Peridot that doesn’t have the same kind of emotional development fans used to see in the series. As Rebecca Sugar described them, this will show the players how Peridot used to be. The players can also experience how to play as Greg’s guitar.

The gameplay, storylines, and other details

Unlike its predecessor, “Steven Universe: Save the Light” has a deeper connection to the television show’s story.

In an interview with The Verge, Grumpyface CEO and director Chris Graham revealed that even Rebecca Sugar is excited to see the title. “[She] had a great vision for how this could fit in,” he said.

He also added that they are happy to create their own take on the animated series.

In fact, Graham also teased that fans are going to see “extra little things” from the show’s narrative in the game. Based on Connie’s words, the sequel will be based on the television show’s second season. In one of the game’s photos, Lars and Sadie are seen outside of the big donut.

Also, Sour Cream and Peede are there, so there might be more characters that will be seen.

“Steven Universe: Save the Light” is set to be released on October 31 on PlayStation 4 – only in North America. The X-Box release will be made globally on November 3. The international PS4 release has not yet been revealed.

Meanwhile, "Steven Universe" Season 5 is set to continue on Cartoon Network with a new episode titled "Dewey Wins." Although its exact release date is not yet revealed, it is said to be out during the winter.