Warframe” is one of the best sci-fi action games today. It offers tons of content that will keep gamers playing for a long time. The game's developer, Digital Extremes, is also known for continuous support in “Warframe.” Today, DE released a new Update that fans will definitely like. It is the update 21.7.0, which adds a new bundle called the Arca Bundle, as well as tons of in-game improvements.

New contents in update 21.7.0

One of the highlights of the update 21.7.0 is the new Arca Bundle. It contains a whole set of armor piece, as well as two new weapons.

All types of the Arca equipment are described as a Corpus engineered item. Due to this, players can expect high-tech themed items from the Arca Bundle. First in the bundle is the Arca Plasmor. It is a plasma shotgun that features devastating radiation damage. The second item is the Arca Scisco, which is a scoped pistol that features increasing damage after five successful hits. The third weapon in the bundle is the Arca Titron.

It is a huge hammer offers powerful slam attacks. It is very effective against a group of enemies. The bundle also features the Arca Armor set, which looks robotic and well-engineered armors. Players can now purchase the Arca Bundle on the market for 550 Platinum. The blueprints of the Arca weapons can also be researched in a clan's energy lab.

Aside from the new Arca Bundle, the update also features the PBR visual updates on Excalibur's Proto-Armor skin and Nyx's Nemesis skin. The Melee Combo Counter can also now be seen while using a dual melee weapon. Players can also now see Baro Ki’Teer’s location and the time of his departure in the Navigation Panel. The update also improves the Navigation System, making it more convenient to use.

Bug fixes in the 21.7.0 update

The update also brings tons of bug fixes in the game. First is the issue where players can see Cyrillic letters when linking an item even if it is not a Cyrillic language. Zephyr’s Tornadoes becoming invisible in a low-spec PC is also fixed. Some script errors while host migrating is also solved.

The improper placement of the Edo Chest Piece on Nyx Carnifex Skin is also fixed in the update. The update also fixed the issue where players get locked in the chat while looking at a linked riven mod after finishing a mission. The holes in Hydroid Prime’s mesh is also repaired. Some offset issues on Mag while using Syandanas is also fixed in the update. Tons of gameplay bugs and graphical issues are also included in the 21.7.0 update.