EA recently announced that “Star Wars Battlefront II” will include Darth Vader when it launches soon. Players will be able to use the full arsenal of his powers against all of the enemies of the Empire.

The game company also revealed a new mode for players to try out: Arcade mode. Players can fight against enemy AI in single or local multiplayer gameplay. A new trailer featuring a “Star Wars” actor was also revealed, showcasing all of the new modes and more content from the upcoming video game.

The Dark Lord of the Sith joins

The game company recently revealed that the Darth Vader has joined the fray in their highly-anticipated multiplayer video game.

He will come with his menacing red lightsaber and all of his dangerous Force powers to defeat his enemies. He will be an unstoppable force in this game.

Vader will be powered by the dark side of the Force and he will have almost unlimited powers fueled by anger. He can get stronger for a limited time by increasing his durability and offensive power as the battle goes on. Players against this dangerous opponent will have to use all of their powers to bring him down.

Long range attacks and abilities

In “Star Wars Battlefront II,” Darth Vader can use his lightsaber as a long range weapon by throwing it through his enemies and then returning it to his hands. This is one way to thin the herd of enemies at a distance - by using long-range attacks.

Vader can also use his popular Force choke against his enemies to weaken them. After choking them a bit, he can then throw those weakened enemies at any nearby structure, such as a wall.

Customize abilities with Star Cards

To fully maximize the abilities of the Dark Lord, players can customize his abilities with Star Cards. They can use all of his abilities or focus on a few ones to easily throw different attacks at enemies without pausing.

They can easily buff up his durability with one card, then use another card to make other attacks.

New Arcade Mode revealed

In other related news, game developer EA DICE revealed a new feature for the game, which is the Arcade Mode. This enables players to fight against enemy AI. They can practice their moves in this mode, such as trying out new weapons, abilities, or create tactics to use in multiplayer.

A new trailer was also launched by the game company. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" star, John Boyega, narrated the new trailer. It showcased new modes, characters, weapons, and gameplay.

Check out the "Star Wars Battlefront II" Trailer here: