The “Final Fantasy Viiremake is one of the most highly-anticipated games for the PlayStation 4. Despite its announcement two years ago, Square Enix has been really tight-lipped about the project. However, that isn’t stopping people from trying to learn more information about the game. Just recently, “FFXV” director Hajime Tabata was asked if he would like to work on the seventh game.

A hard pass

According to Siliconera, Tabata recently sat down for an interview where he was asked if he would like to work on the “FFVII” remake. Surprisingly, he answered that he wouldn’t like to do it.

The game director mentioned that the remake was something he couldn’t make himself and that “Final Fantasy VII” is a special game. Tabata also personally admitted that he wouldn’t be able to please all of the fans who love the game. While he would consider taking on a completely new “FF” game, he would pass on remaking “FF7.”

Interestingly enough, however, he admitted that he would take on a “FFVII-2” project. Tabata isn’t a stranger to the “FFVII” anthology as he had worked on the “Crisis Core” PSP game. This was a prequel to the main game that followed protagonist Zack Fair. While the gameplay was different, many fans and critics praised “Crisis Core” for its heartwrenching story and fun mechanics.

Other projects

In other news, Tabata is also busy with other projects. He and his team are hard at work creating new content for “FFXV.” Just recently, they launched a new patch with some added story details in chapter 12. They’ll also be releasing “Episode Ignis” sometime this December, marking the last batch of character episodes.

However, Square Enix has promised to continue supporting the game with additional content next year.

Incidentally, they’ll be porting over “FFXV” to other platforms. A Windows Edition is slated to release next year and will support various Nvidia technology. Moreover, fans will be able to use GeForce to record their gameplay and share it with their friends or social media.

They’re also working on a Pocket Edition of the game which will arrive this fall. This version is an episodic game that comes complete with story and cast. However, the developers have downgraded the graphics and streamlined combat to appeal to the casual audience.

There will be 10 episodes in total with the first one being free. That said, you’ll have to buy the other nine episodes if you want to complete the story. “FFXV” is now available to play on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.