Following the anticipated release of Raiden this week in Injustice 2,” gamers are expecting that NetherRealm Studios will be teasing Hellboy next as the final DLC character in Fighter Pack 2. However, the studio caught the fighting game fans by surprise with the announcement of the first DLC Character of Fighter Pack 3.

On Wednesday night during “Chasing the Cup” special on The CW, the game developer surprisingly dropped a new gameplay trailer for The Atom, the first of the three fighters coming in Fighter Pack 3 and whose alter ego is known as Dr.

Ray Palmer.

New gameplay trailer

Fans were also treated to a new gameplay trailer, which offers a first glimpse at the superhero showcasing his unique fighting skills and abilities. It teases the superhero jumping around on atoms in his pint-sized form and then growing to his full size as he begins to wrestle with his adversary.

Ardent fans of the DC Comics know well that The Atom is a member of the original Justice League of America.

Watch the action-packed gameplay footage of the DC Comics superhero below.

The sneak peek also shows off his ability to shrink to incredible sizes in a snap but still keeping his full mass, which makes himself a tough opponent to beat. The Atom can also take a gigantic form to quash his opponent to the ground with his fist but players have yet to see his super move, however.

The game maker additionally confirmed that new DLC character will be available to play in the game in December.

Who’s next?

Meanwhile, players will likely see the gameplay trailer for Hellboy in two weeks. The guest character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola is the final fighter featured in the second Fighter Pack for “Injustice 2.” Now that The Atom is named as the first character in Fighter Pack 3, there are two more slots to fill.

In this regard, speculations are making rounds online as to who will possibly join The Atom in the third pack.

Perhaps the most popular guess among the fans is it could either be the famous occult detective Constantine or Rorschach of the Watchmen. This is based on the clue that the next character is wearing a trenchcoat. The plausible third character in the final pack is the Enchantress from “Suicide Squad.” Although there is already a number of the infamous squad’s members present in the game, the addition of the malevolent witch would be quite interesting for fans to see in the DC fighting title.

"Injustice 2" is currently available on Xbox One and PS4, with a PC version reportedly underway for release before the end of 2017.