It’s officially the final quarter of 2017, and traditionally, the time of the year has arrived again for Maxis to release a quarterly teaser for The Sims 4.” The quarterly teaser typically rounds up the content packs that are coming next in the popular life simulation title in a given quarter.

Much to the surprise of many "Sims" players, however, the latest trailer showed the “Cats And Dogs” expansion as the only content pack for release within the last three months of 2017. This is quite uncommon as the development team notably offered three DLCs, whether stuff or game packs, during each of the past three quarters.

The Q4 teaser is shown below.

Fans are disappointed

Now, it appears that a lot of fans are disappointed with the announcement. They are unhappy to see that Maxis does not even have any content that is themed around the incoming special occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

A fan named Ikey Ilex commented, “The only way this could be a bigger disappointment is if you literally announced things that have already been out.” From the looks of it, the said gamer made a good point.

Some are even expecting to get a witch game pack or the Laundry Day Stuff to arrive earlier, but none of that is coming before 2017 comes to a close. Maxis already reiterated that the community stuff pack will be launched in 2018.

Free content update

Fans should not fret, however. According to the fan site Sims Community, Maxis usually launches a free content update prior to an expansion pack. In this case, before “Cats and Dogs” becomes available in “The Sims 4.”

So far, the new addition confirmed is the new roof types and tools. It is also plausible that the Sims team will add more in the next free update, and it could be a nice holiday-themed surprise.

Console version update

In more news, the Sims team also announced that four of the game’s popular DLC packs will launch alongside the base game for consoles on November 17. The four packs include City Living Expansion Pack, Vampires Game Pack, Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, and Perfect Patio Stuff Pack.

The individual prices for each pack are provided below.

  • Perfect Patio Stuff Pack - US $9.99
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack - US $9.99
  • Vampires Game Pack - US $19.99
  • City Living Expansion Pack - US $39.99

It is noted that the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack is bundled with the Deluxe Party Edition. The pre-order of this bundle will let players play "The Sims 4" four days earlier on November 13.