Most PC gamers got to enjoy “Destiny 2” this week as the game officially came out for the platform. In partnership with Blizzard’s service, the game was highly-anticipated by a lot of gamers for its apparent superiority over the console versions. Unfortunately, while everyone else generally had a smooth experience on launch day, several users were reportedly banned from the sci-fi shooter.

Bungie quickly communicated with everybody and attempted to explain some of their guidelines for banning a player. They stated that it was impossible for the shooter to automatically ban users and those whose accounts were disabled were probably caught manipulating the game.

Bungie admits accidental ban for some ‘Destiny 2’ players

Despite their prior statement regarding the some “Destiny 2” user getting Banned for possible cheating, Bungie has admitted that some of those users who had their accounts revoked were somewhat accidental.

According to the developer, they noted that “as part of our ban review process, we have identified a group of players who were banned in error.” Apparently, “those players have been unbanned” and the game studio will “continue to review the process we use to ensure a fun and fair game.”

For those players who continue to claim that their ban was unfairly given, they should be glad to know that it is being reviewed by the development team.

Meanwhile, most of those who were incorrectly blocked should be able to access their accounts now. Furthermore, their announcement should help put PC user’s mind at ease knowing that the problem is being addressed.

Other reported problems

Other known issues with the game and the hardware include an unexplainable crash when users enter the game.

There is another problem that appears to be hardware-based as AMD Phenom-running PCs reportedly prevents the game from going past the character selection screen. Other minor hassles include a problem wherein players cannot exit the game using a controller and must use a mouse instead.

Problems like these were already expected given that it is the first time a game from the “Destiny” franchise hits the PC platform.

However, most fans are confident that Bungie will have these issues ironed out soon. Nevertheless, it leaves a sour impression for those who were accidentally banned by the moderators. “Destiny 2” is slated to receive even more improvements in the future, which will be simultaneous for all platforms.