Bungie has recently spilled some tidbits on what fans should expect in "Destiny 2," especially in its second season. The developer's recently released a video documentary about the game's PC version which may have provided another hint about what's to come in the first-person shooter.

Ambitious mercenaries

The video featured "Destiny 2's" awesome graphics when played on a PC and how the dev team pulled it through. There were some parts of the video though that caught most fans attention. It can be seen that Bungie's Engineering Lead Joe Venzon dons a Seven Seraphs shirt which made fans surmise that the Faction will finally be introduced in the game.

Another possible hint are the poster boards that were also seen in the video. Per the short documentary, the boards featured the game's factions: Future War Cult, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Osiris, and the Seven Seraphs.

This could mean great news provided that this fits in the bag. However, some fans believe that Venzon might have just worn it for the occasion. For the uninitiated, the Seven Seraphs is a mercenary collective whose sole purpose is dominating the universe and neutralize whoever gets in their way.

A fourth subclass

Meanwhile, fans might remember the recent audio files that were leaked that are likely to be included in "Destiny 2's" future contents. Among these voice lines, there is one that seems to hint about a fourth subclass.

The audio file featured the Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey as she talks about a so-called "fourth energy." The energy that she is referring to could mean a new subclass, though it is also plausible that the datamined file could just be a filler dialogue for the character.

Bungie listens... Bungie delivers

In other news, Bungie revealed some of the plans that they are currently working on for "Destiny 2." Their recent blog post stated that they'll be making improvements with the game's rewards and incentives, especially to its challenging activities.

Per the post, the game maker revealed that they are working on new systems and rewards to their most engaged players. They're also planning on putting up better incentives for Prestige Raid finishers, and better rewards and replay values within the game's adventures, Lost Sectors, and strikes.

The highly requested private match was also mentioned.

Bungie even announced that they are looking to add it into the game sometime early next year. Other updates that are down the pipeline include Exotic improvements, more usage of the so-called surplus currencies/materials, and an emote interface that would allow players equip several of these poses all at the same time. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: