The Nintendo Switch is an interesting console that has picked up a lot of attention since it released earlier this year. While fans can play it on the big screen, they can also take the tablet on-the-go and play the games wherever they go. While the system’s initial features are still lacking, Nintendo is slowly rolling out new patches that include some cool stuff. In line with this, the recent update finally allowed players to use a different controller for the system.

GameCube is back

The Switch has just gotten a 4.0 update that introduces a lot of nifty features.

Aside from video recording, consumers can now pre-load their games. That said, one hidden feature Nintendo failed to mention is the ability to air GameCube controllers with the system. According to Den of Geek, those who still have their Wii U adapter can connect this to the Switch while docked. From there, they just connect the Gamecube Controller and press L + R to activate it. The system will read it as a USB controller that is functional with all types of games. In spite of this, titles like “Fire Emblem Warriors” might feel a little clunky if you plan on playing the game using the said controller.

It’s unclear to why Nintendo has been hiding this new feature, not if they have any plans of using it in the future.

Fans have been quite vocal about wanting a “Super Smash Bros.” on the Switch. On the other hand, many others also want a GameCube virtual console. While this new feature doesn’t confirm anything, we can only hope that this is a small step towards fan demand.

Upcoming games

That aside, the Switch will still be getting plenty of games before the year ends.

Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to release this Oct. 27, while November will bring in plenty of AAA ports. Games like “L.A. Noire,” “Skyrim,” and both “Resident Evil Revelations” games will be available next month. Lastly, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” is slated to launch this December, ending off the Switch’s 2017 with a bang.

Nintendo has yet to share their plans for 2018, but we do know a few other games coming down the line.

“Pokemon” and “Metroid Prime 4” are already in development, albeit still no recent updates on the project. Meanwhile, “Shin Megami Tensei V” was just confirmed as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. There are also plenty of other indie games that will be coming to the hybrid console soon. We can only hope that Nintendo will launch another Direct before the year ends to inform fans what will be in store next year.