“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” has become one of the most popular games since it released a few months back. This battle royale-themed shooter places 90-something players on a deserted island with only one objective: be the last survivor. That said, there are plenty of guns and other weapons on the battlefield at your disposal. If you’re feeling a bit queasy about killing other players, you can hide out in houses. However, the game pressures players to keep moving with the deadly Blue Zone. Bluehole is currently tweaking the said zone and plans to make it deadlier next week.

Beware the blue zone

“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” is still an Early Access title, so it’s only natural that the developers will continue to tweak the game. In line with this, fans can already expect some major changes to the test server next week. Bluehole plans to make the blue zone much more dangerous and, in turn, hopes to promote more close-ranged and tense firefights, as per PC Gamer. In a recent Steam post, the team mentioned that the players should be able to focus more on immediate skirmishes during mid to late game. That said, they're hoping to collect some feedback from fans if this deadlier blue zone should come to the live servers.

Since the map is so large, they have no choice but to close the playing field.

Anyone caught outside the blue zone will slowly lose health until they die. A deadlier blue zone could promote a quicker pace as it can get a bit dull waiting for other players as you are cooped in a house. Adding a sense of urgency and danger should push fans to keep the fight going instead of camping.

Climbing and vaulting

The blue zone isn’t the only thing being added to the “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” test server next week. Bluehole will finally patch in climbing and vaulting, allowing for more seamless movement. All of these changes will not be coming to the live servers until the full release. The developers mentioned the challenges of having to merge improvements and bug fixes, hence why they are waiting for patching in the new features.

That said, fans won’t have to wait that long as the game is a launch title for the Xbox One X.

Another issue they also have to tackle is hacking, which has become a severe problem in the game. Luckily, their anti-cheat service has been banning plenty of hackers. Those who want to play ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ can try the early access copy on Steam for the PC.