Destiny 2” is now available on all platforms after a month and several days of delay. This means PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players can now enjoy the shared multi-shooter title from Bungie. The game’s content is almost at par with the console version of the title. PC players, however, can enjoy its uncapped framerates and 4K visuals. Interestingly, several PC gamers have recently conducted data mining activity in the game’s files. The activity yielded vital and interesting information about the popular second game installment from Bungie.

Latest data mined information

On Reddit, a user named TheEcumene shared is latest finds in his data mining activity of the files of “Destiny 2.” There is actually a plethora of the things the Redditor has uncovered by digging into 26,000 files. One of the most interesting finds is the cache of audio, which reference is not found in the game. In other words, it is not yet available and there is a great chance that it will soon be released in the game. This includes Phobos, which is one of the moons of the planet Mars. The voice lines discovered through data mining activity hints that a potential downloadable content or expansion could actually get players to the location.

Other details

In addition, two faction leader’s voice lines were discovered to have six audios each, making reference to the location.

This includes congratulating players for their successful mission on Phobos. There is also a voice line where players are being prepared before going to the journey on the said location. Faction Leader Executor Hideo can be even heard talking about players finding a certain target on the place that can also be found on the moon.

While the data mined audio files are significant, they do not include the specifics yet. At this point, it is not yet clear if Phobos is a one-off mission like the Tower missions or if it will be like the Dreadnaught.

Festival of the Lost

Meanwhile, Bungie has recently announced that players will not experience the Halloween event that was enjoyed by players of the first game installment.

According to the developer, there will be no Festival of the Lost this year. Instead, Bungie will introduce a winter-themed event in December called The Dawning. During this event, players will enjoy snowball fights with the size similar to the orbs in the game. Players should also expect to play ice hockey in the Tower. “Destiny 2” social space, The Farm will also have a design overhaul during this event that will coincide with the event’s theme.