Blizzard released a new Update for “Diablo 3.” It is called the 2.6.1 update, which adds a lot of new features including character and set revisions, as well as several item changes. According to Blizzard, the update is focused on giving more balance to the game. The company also focused on improving some of the most requested and popular builds. The 2.6.1 update also brings a lot of enemy changes, as well as challenge rift improvements.

Character changes, sets, and items

First in the character changes is the Barbarian's Battle Rage skill. According to Blizzard, the Battle Rage's Blood Shed now deals 20 percent damage equal to the character's critical hits.

Barbarian's Ground Stomp also got changed where the Jarring Slam now features a maximum threshold of the health globes that it can spawn. The Limitless skill in the Blessed Hammer of Crusader also received an increased damage. The Flurry skill of Monk's Tempest Rush also received a change where its maximum stack got reduced to 100. The Necromancer, Witch Doctor, and Wizard received several changes to their skills. Aside from the character changes, Blizzard also added a lot of set changes. Most of the character set received a large boost on the stats. Payers can expect that the end-game gears and sets will be a lot more powerful than before. Blizzard also added several item changes including the decreased drop rate on both legendary and set equipment.

However, Blizzard increased most of the damage and status on nearly all the legendary items in the game.

Bug fixes, enemy changes, and rift improvements

The update 2.6.1 brings a lot of bug fixes. First in the fix is the issue where several enemies are not receiving correct damage from character skills. The update also fixed the bug where the pet's bonus damage disappears after the character dies.

The issue where Necromancer is always receiving unusable gears also got fixed. Several bugs on Necromancer's skills also got repaired in the update. The update also fixed the issue where the Thorns damage does not apply properly on several gears. The update also brings a lot of fixes to different buffs in the game. Aside from the bug fixes, the 2.6.1 update also brings enemy changes where their spawn rate was increased.

The monsters that were affected by the rebalanced spawn rate are Fallen Conjurer, Fallen Peon, Fallen Cur, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Overlord, and Fallen Slavelord. Blizzard also added improvements in the Rift. First is the increased cache drops while inside a Rift. Each cache will also give players 10 Death's Breath.