Fire Emblem Warriors” is the spinoff game in the series and brings together several iconic heroes in a brand new adventure. The game strays away from the typical tactical RPG formula for something much more fast-paced and action-packed. That said, series fans might have a little trouble with the game at first, seeing as how it’s a completely different take on the series. That said, here are some “Fire Emblem Warriors” Tips to help you out.

Split up

“Fire Emblem Warriors” lets you control up to four heroes on the field. Granted, there are other units (and your army of puny soldiers), but the four central characters will by your own.

There are plenty of bases scattered across the field and each objective depends on the mission. Sometimes one objective might require you to defeat an enemy at the edge of the map while you’re busy fighting an enemy at the far end. That said, you can press the + button and direct your other units towards certain areas on the map, as per Pocket Gamer. Try to use this technique to “teleport” to other characters that are nearer to other vital points on the battlefield. You won’t gain much if your four playable characters are grouped up.

Team up for speed

There are various units in the game that have their own specialties. Luckily, winged and mounted units can move much faster than those on foot.

Try pairing up with heroes like Camilla and Fredrick so you can travel around the area much faster. These mounted units are no pushovers either as they are quite formidable, but just be careful against archers when playing as a winged unit. Take note that the aforementioned units also have the ability to travel across certain terrains as shortcuts, making them extremely invaluable when trying to track a chest or locate Anna’s shop.

Use your special abilities

As you take down enemies your Awakening and special ability gauge will begin to charge. Once it’s full, you can use R or A respectively to active certain powerful attacks. While it might be better to save them for boss characters, don’t hesitate to blast away tougher units with these skills. The gauges will quickly recharge (assuming you’re actually fighting), so you have nothing to worry about.

The Awakening gauge is great for when fighting against tankier units as they will be susceptible to all kinds of weapons. Those who want to play “Fire Emblem Warriors” can get a copy for the Nintendo 3DS or Switch. Only the Switch version supports multiplayer, so keep that in mind if you plan on playing with a friend.