Destiny 2” does a weekly reset every seven days. This reset changes different things in the game: from activities to rewards available to items that you can purchase in shops. For this week, the reset involves Exodus Crash and Nightfall Strike as well as Eververse for the game’s new gear up for sale.

The Nightfall: Exodus Crash can be played both on Xbox One and PlayStation4. However, Guardians might encounter some issues with this. There is a big bug when you run “Destiny 2” Nightfall Strike on Prestige.

This bug prevents players from being able to spawn the blue pulses.

Some players already reported experiencing this while there are also some Guardians claiming that if you kill a Drug on the left side of the final zone, you can activate the pulses immediately.

What is included in “Destiny 2” Nightfall?

There are two major changes for Nightfall. It includes Prism where your attacks that match the focused element can increase further damage, however other elemental damages are reduced. All kinetic and incoming damages are unaffected, too.

The other one is Timewarp. There are white rings that provide an additional 30 seconds to finish the Strike. Players need to jump through these white rings.

There are also three challenges included in Nightfall: Speed Of Dark, Unbroken, and Faster Than Lightning.

The rewards for those who manage to finish the challenges is the Luminous Vanguard Engram.

For Speed of Dark, you need to complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes left. For Unbroken, the Guardians need to complete the Nightfall with only three deaths or less. Faster Than Lightning involves a team. As a fire team, beat 9 Shanks using melee attacks before defeating the Thavinks.

Get two extra sets of rings with Nightfall

Getting two extra sets of rings is very simple. After scanning a pole, go out of the area together with your team. Go back inside, kill yourself using the blue wall barrier, and respawn. If you are out of heavy, bring a weapon with Ricochet Rounds when killing yourself. Using a sparrow point black with a grenade will also work.

There will be other things to change for the week. According to Gamespot, the previous resets offering new Milestones, treasure maps, and Challenges will return.

Bungie, “Destiny 2’s” game developer, also removed Monty Python-inspired, high kicking walking emote. Even if Bungie is still not releasing any official statements as to why this emote was removed, the recent emote that allows a player to walk through walls might be the reason behind it.