Tripwire Interactive released the Halloween Horrors update on “Killing Floor 2.” The update brings tons of new features that will keep players busy. Players can also expect a lot of new difficult enemies in the Halloween Horrors update. Players will also get a chance to obtain new Halloween themed cosmetics. Most of the cosmetic items are available for a limited time only. Due to this, players should consider collecting them right away. The Halloween Horrors update is now available for free.

New map, weapons, and enemies

The new map in the latest update is called the Nightmare.

It features a creepy environment where players can see different types of phobias. Players should also survive against waves of zombies in the map. Aside from the Nightmare map, the update also adds new weapons. First is the medic weaponHemogoblin, which drains blood from zombies. The second weapon is the Seeker Six, which is a Demolitionists weapon that shoots devastating missiles. It also has the ability to lock onto enemies, making it a very deadly missile launcher.

The Halloween Horrors update also brings new enemies. The King Fleshpound and the Quarter Pounder also got rebalanced in the update as they will enter the survival mode for the first time. Tripwire Interactive also brings changes on several zombies in the game, such as the Crawler, Siren, Husk, Bloat, Scrake, Fleshpound, Gorefast, Gorefiend, Stalker, and Hans.

However, most the changes on zombies are only on normal difficulty. Due to this, players that are playing on a higher difficulty will not experience the changes.

New Dosh Vault system, daily missions, and crates

One of the main highlights of the Halloween Horror update is the Dosh Vault system. Each vault contains free cosmetics and other valuable items.

However, it is not an easy task to obtain vaults as players will need to finish a set of missions each day to acquire it. The rewards also get better as players progress their milestones in the Dosh Vault system. Aside from the Dosh Vault system, players can also get a lot of crates in the game, which contains different cosmetic items.

Each crate can contain Halloween themed weapon skins, emotes, and character skins.

Tripwire Interactive also added a lot of bug fixes in the game. The company also changed some features on the game's difficulties. The Halloween Horror update also made tons of changes in the game's overall gameplay, as well as its maps.