"Destiny 2" hit stores a few weeks back and the reception has been amazing. The game has sold fewer units than the first video game, but that is more likely because of the fact it has not hit the PC yet, and the digital sales so far are much higher than the first game. While the game itself is an improvement of the first game, one Reddit user named Tiredness pointed out that an area that could use improvement is the vendor system.

Suggested improvements to 'Destiny 2' vendor system

Tiredness posted in his Reddit thread that "Destiny 2" has taken a considerable step forward when it comes to the vendor system.

He also mentioned that the tokens are thrown around a lot but the objects available right now become almost worthless when a person ranks up to 200 power.

He also asks if there are options to buy the engrams from the vendors or not, but when attempted, the game just says there are no items available and that a gamer should check back later to see if anything new has been added. As Tiredness wrote, this is a huge step back from the first "Destiny" video game.

With this said, Tiredness started working to put together a vender system "rework" to help improve this aspect of "Destiny 2." This vendor system rework would create different options for different ranks and would make the "Destiny 2" vendor system something valuable and exciting for players to work to achieve.

Examples of new 'Destiny 2' vendor system

Tiredness put together his list and presented it on Reddit. Examples for the Rank 5 "Destiny 2" vendor system options include Random EDZ Mods, an EDZ Emblem, Dead Zone Bark and Dead Zone Foliage.

Examples for Rank 10 includes an EDZ Ship, Devrim's Gift, some new class items, and a Rank 10 Emblem.

The vendor system suggestions also touch on Rank 15, Rank 20, and Rank 25, as well as Resources. For Rank 25, Tiredness mentioned the possibility of unlocking the Exotic Quest and maybe an animated Exotic Emblem.

Bungie takes notice

It was clear that this Reddit user put a lot of work into his ideas for this new vendor system concept.

It seems the Reddit users who frequent the Destiny Reddit were impressed as well. The post has a nice 9,323 karma, and if that wasn't enough, Tiredness caught the attention of the Bungie social Community Manager, who goes by the name Cozmo23 on Reddit.

In response to the "Destiny 2" ideas, Cozmo 23 (Chris Shannon - the man who created the Destiny subreddit) responded by calling it a "good mock-up" and promised to make sure that the "Destiny 2" designers see it. While this doesn't mean that changes are coming, it is a sign that Bungie cares what the players think.