Naughty Dog dropped a new poster for its much-awaited second game installment dubbed “The Last Of Us 2.” The poster was released along with its fourth Outbreak Day celebration. The developer also released game merchandise that fans can purchase. A PlayStation 4 theme based on the title’s reveal trailer was also launched.

Interestingly, the new poster became the subject of the fans’ speculations. Naughty Dog has remained tight-lipped about details of the upcoming title. As a result, the fan base resorts to creative theories from its eagle-eyed fans.

Subliminal image

Several days ago, many fans noticed that the new “The Last of Us 2” poster has a subliminal image of a wolf. The image can be seen if you look at the poster from a distance. The ears of the wolf are shown formed by the flames and its nose is the part where a car is consumed by the flames.

Several fans speculate that the image of the wolf might be hinting about Joel’s role in the upcoming title. According to this claim, he might meet other survivors along the way and become their leader. Others believe that it could be his attitude in the sequel, claiming that his relationship with Ellie will center on hate.

Presence of wildlife

While fans are still discussing what the strange hidden image means, a new theory is fanning the flames.

This new belief claims that the image of the wolf in the poster is a strong confirmation of the presence of wildlife in the sequel. In April, Naughty Dog’s creative director and writer Neil Druckmann shared a photo of her co-writer Halley Gross mounted on a mock-up horse on Twitter. Fans are already confirming through these indicators that the second game installment will have wildlife and animals in it.

Infected animals

With the presence of animals in the game, several fans could not help but toy with the possibility of these animals being infected with Cordyceps Virus. So far, the claim has not produced any official reference to this belief. However, it would make sense if we take into consideration the timing when the second poster was released.

Naughty Dog dropped the second poster during the Outbreak Day celebration. According to Druckmann, this is the time when the virus reached mass infection.

So far, these are all speculations and Naughty Dog has remained silent about all of this. The game developer has not yet revealed the release date of “The Last of Us 2” and fans are hoping to hear news about it soon.