Pokemon Go” players are currently busy dealing with the “Equinox” event, something that is expected to end soon. After that, augmented reality players will want to know what new brainchild Niantic has up its sleeve. With October already here, it seems pretty obvious that most are looking forward to another rewarding Halloween.

In 2016, Niantic did hold its first-ever Halloween event for “Pokemon Go.” That included increased spawns and bonus candies, something most are hoping to happen once again this year. With the release of gen 2 pocket monsters, most are hoping for more special critters to find.

According to Game Rant, it seems this wish will be granted.

When do the spooky pocket monsters come out?

The Pokemon Company has released a series of seasonal updates to confirm that a Halloween event is happening. In a broad release, players will once again be treated to plenty of goodies. Further details on the event have yet to be released through all that can come out in the coming weeks.

Now that most are aware that there is a new wave of goodies and monsters set to be unleashed, figuring out when the "Pokemon Go" Halloween event will kick off is the next concern. Last year, Niantic kicked it off on Oct. 26, a Wednesday. It was a week-long event that ended on Nov. 2.

With nothing officially announced, the event could start out on the same date.

If not, Oct. 25 could be a plausible date to start off, the last Wednesday of October 2017. The official start date of the Halloween event should be announced in the coming weeks.

Hopefully good spawns

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest wishes of players is to get a chance to capture some elusive Gen 2 pocket monsters. There will undoubtedly some new pocket monsters though it remains unclear which of the generation 2 Pokemon types will be up for grabs.

Other than that, the Halloween event should spur up new interest among players who have toned downplaying the high mobile game app. Niantic has so far done a good job keeping gamers close with new features to maintain interest.

As far as game performance, bugs remain on "Pokemon Go." Niantic has been releasing patches even though the cat-and-mouse game continues as programmers try to keep things in order.

Game server performance would be another concern for gamers once the Halloween event comes around.

Ideally, players deal with lag and difficulty logging on to game servers when something new is announced. With most eager to get hold of new pocket monsters for their Pokedex, the same issue is likely to occur once the event officially kicks off.